PREP IN:10 mins COOK IN:20 mins SERVES:3-4 Ingredients 6 medium Rooster potatoes 2 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon chilli flakes 4 cloves garlic finely chopped large handful coriander Salt Olive oil/butter or half and half Method Cut the potatoes roughly into cubes and place in a pot

The success of this bread is made that much greater if a baking stone is used in the base of the oven. Alternately, an overturned heavy sheet pan will work. A pizza peel is also particularly helpful for placing the flatbread dough in the panggangan and removing the bread when

If you are torn between trying something new and exotic, and just making a big plate of fries… this is the perfect recipe for you. Author: Christine  | Prep Time: 15 minutes  | Cook Time: 1 hours 1 minutes  | Total Time: 1 hours 16 minutes INGREDIENTS For the Fries

Cook Time 20 mins Total Time 20 mins Make the best tasting shawarma in your kitchen. Juicy tender chicken with flavorful marinade. Surprise your family, show them that you can make better tasting shawarma than restaurants. Course: Appetizer Cuisine: Lebanon Servings: 2 Ingredients 350 gm chicken slices I used thighs

Lebanese cheese fatayers are savory pastries found throughout the Middle East. Fatayers can also be filled with meat (lamb is traditional.) Fatayers are found throughout the Arab world in pastry shops and market stalls. They can be triangular in shape or cigar-shaped (like the recipe below.) Lebanese cheese fatayers are

PREP TIME: 2 HOURS 10 MINUTES | COOK TIME: 45 MINUTES | TOTAL TIME: 2 HOURS 55 MINUTES | RECIPE BY: MAUREEN ABOOD If you’re not grinding the meat yourself (me either!), ask the butcher to grind it coarsely, since it’s not typically available pre-ground. If you can’t get coarse

Prep Time 45 mins Cook Time 35 mins Total Time 1 hr 20 mins These “Arab pizzas” called lahm bi ajin (or sfiha) date back to the fifteenth century and would have appeared in the region of the Beqaa Valley in Eastern Lebanon. Course: Appetizer, Main Course Cuisine: Lebanese, Middle