Ony Sentot

  bundles, rolls, rounds, squares, etc.) and with different fillings (eggplant, ground meat, milk, potato, spinach, and white cheese). This particular recipe is my mom’s signature dish. This is the dish that I asked her to make every time I went back home from boarding school, college or from the

Levrek is a popular fish in Turkey all year around since it’s farmed intensively. However, wild caught sea bass is exceptionally tastier and highly sought after. Fish fillets steamed in paper bags taste great. At seafood restaurants they are served with crusty bread and big green salad. Any fish can

  Remember that eggplant dish with a funny name, İmam Bayıldı (the priest fainted)? Kabak bayıldı is the “zucchinized” version of the same dish. Unlike imam bayıldı, which was originated in the Palace kitchens, kabak bayıldı was created in regular, non-imperial kitchens, yet inspired by the eggplant version. In the

Except for white cheese that’s used to stuff zucchini halves, this recipe doesn’t seem very Turkish or very authentic Turkish. However, I’ve never had this dish anywhere other than in Turkey. My mom and I usually had this kind of zucchini and baked zucchini as light summer lunches, yet I

  There is something special about musakka recipes; they always turn out great. Although musakka, the term Arabic in origin, does not resemble the Arabic dish which is a kind of cold eggplant appetizer; although musakka means a different dish in a lot of countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Romania,