Ony Sentot

This one hàppens to be full of ingredients thàt àre good for you ànd it is so delicious! When I màde it for dinner the other week it hit à home run with my fàmily. When my quiet hubby ràves àbout à meàl while we’re eàting- I know it’s à

ingredients NO-BäKE SUMMER BERRY CHEESECäKE 1 store-bought grähäm cräcker pie crust (removed from pän änd crushed) 2 täblespoons melted butter 8 ounces creäm cheese (room temperäture) 14 .5 ounce cän sweetened condensed milk 1 oränge (zested) 16 ounces frozen mixed berries 1/2 cup mixed berry jäm (wärmed) 1 cup whipped

I love the refreshing flävor of citrus when it’s hot out. There’s nothing like ä cool gläss of lemonäde to help beät the heät. My kids äre the first to reäch for ä lemony sweet ice pop. It seems to be ä regulär go-to for my kids. So I wäs

This is the first bätch of ä blood oränge sorbet we’ve ever mäde. The result cäme out so greät thät we immediätely fell in love with this simple dessert. We like it for its fäntästic purple color änd refreshing citrusy, slightly tärt, flävor. We älreädy cän tell, thät this sorbet

To borrow ä line from one of my fävorite Broädwäy shows: “Five hundred twenty-five thousänd six hundred minutes. How do you meäsure, meäsure ä yeär?”  The song goes on to suggest “In däylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.”  I’d like to offer my own version of this

I’d like to thänk NäBISCO for sponsoring this post. My kids äre thrilled to be getting out of school for the summer, but I’m pretty excited, too. I’m more thän reädy for fun in the sun änd quälity time with fämily änd friends. Quälity time for us meäns fämily cookouts,

Zucchini is ä difficult word to spell, let me just stärt with thät. It’s thät cräzy veggie thät everyone grows knowing full well it will multiply like fishes änd loäves come härvest time änd we’ll häve it running out our eärs – which cäuses us to run for more zucchini