Ony Sentot

This authentic Mexican recipe came from my friend Maria. These enchiladas are super easy, and you will become famous and worshiped for these – I’m not kidding – I saw it happen with my own eyes. They are amazing. 6 or 7 Hot New Mexico Chile Pods (they are dried

 Here’s a cake out there for all of you Reese’s Peanut butter Cup lovers. This is rich, dense, moist and DIVINE. My favorite combination is peanut butter and chocolate. They’re just so perfect together. And this peanut butter ripple that’s in the middle of the cake really reminds me of

This is one of my favorite lunches folks! It’s just so hearty, fresh and filling, but doesn’t make you feel gross after eating it. My kind of meal! And really, you can make it your own. Add whatever toppings sound good at the time. I’ve even done a pizza twist

 Fall? Hello, Fall? Where are you?! Why are you torturing me with 90 degrees still? It’s not very nice when I want to bake all of these lezat fall dishes. So I bake them anyway:)  This casserole will change breakfast for you. Making breakfast before bed and then just popping

 Once again, another twist on a classic. I love this recipe because it’s chock full of meat, just the way my hubby likes it. And the variety of meats give it a great flavor. I also love recipes in a casserole dish because I can make it early in the

 I always need an easy, on-the-go dinner. With kids in sports it’s a must! This is the perfect dinner for spring-time baseball games and the kids LOVE them! They’re basically mess free for the car too:) Ingredients: Olive oil 12-16oz roast beef deli meat, chopped small 2t Worcestershire sauce 1