Ony Sentot

Dear Jess, Oh man! That pasta looked extremely tasty! I’m so happy to hear that your trip went well. The beaches were my favourite part out there as well. Well… that and Green Gables! This recipe came from me wanting another comfy, cozy, dinner on a hot day. Weird, but

Dear Sally, My parents came for a visit to our neck of the woods yesterday and while Jesse was at work I took them around the area. We went to a wonderful antique market in Barrie and also had to do some shopping at Marshals. My dad managed to keep

Dear Jess, Ducks were on sale! Woot woot! I looooove duck! I was originally going to do it in my slowcooker. However, after dressing the duck and chopping the fruit and veggies, I realized that the duck was too big for the slowcooker. Thus, I did it in the oven.

  Dear Sally, This is a recipe that you NEED to try.  I had some bananas in my fruit bowl that were past the point of eating and perfect for muffins. Usually I would make some regular muffins for Jesse or the neighbours, ones that I can’t eat but on

Dear Jess, I had an amazing time at the market this morning! I picked up some pickling cucumbers, and some different coloured beets. I decided it’s time to start my winter pantry. It is almost 3:00 in the afternoon, and I now have 9 large jars of pickles, and 4

Dear Jess, We had the best thunderstorm last night! It was loud, bright, and long! So amazing! On Thursdays, I work for most of the day. Dinner tends to be either left overs, or something from the slow cooker. I was looking for a good beef roast recipe, because I

  Dear Sally, Your last two posts were AWESOME! Jesse has actually been growing pickling cucumbers in our backyard so that will be on my list of things to make very soon. We have also been enjoying an abundance of lettuce and kale lately. Summer continues to fly by. There