Fried Chicken Wings – 1 Thanks to Veronica from Quay Po Cooks¬†for sharing this recipe. Because of her, my family enjoyed this recipe and our stomach was happy and satisfied. ¬†Would like to take this opportunity to wish my dear beloved husband a Very Happy Father’s Day and to all

Mini Dried Mixed Fruits Bread I saw this recipe from Ann, Anncoo Journal and I feel in love with it straight away because my husband and I love to eat mixed fruits. Thanks to Ann for sharing this recipe, now I have another great recipe for my husband to savour.

Peanut Brittle Another seven days, we will be in Year 2013. You must be wondering what have you done or achieved in Year 2012. The answer will be the same or different compare to Year 2011? Whether you are now………… aching, angry, battered, betrayed, blessed, cared, cheerful, comfort, confused, contented,