Dear Jess, The summer heat has arrived. I love it. I love basking in it, running in it, doing yoga in it, swimming in it, playing in it and eating in it. All of the winter frost has been melted out of my being for the next few months. AWESOME.

Dear Jess, What a week! Between packing, working, Christmas shopping and everything else that fills the hours of my days it’s amazing I find time to breathe! But what a ride it is! I picked these three recipes for a few reasons. All of them fall under the category of

Here it is – the easiest, & amazingly tastiest pork roast ever. Make with your slow cooker or crock pot, a pork roast & two other ingredients. Fresh rosemary, & fresh garlic. 6- 8 hours. The end. Okay – here are the explicit instructions: 1 pork roast – size doesn’t

It’s been a while since we posted a chili recipe, and what better time than right before the Super Bowl? When it comes to feeding large groups of hungry sports fans frugally, there’s nothing like a big pot of chili. That’s right, more money for beer.     Ingredients for