Orange Sponge Cupcake You must bake this.  It is soft, spongy, light and delicious. This recipe from Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover. Thanks to Sonia.  From her recipe, my son got to eat this lovely cupcake. Orange is one of his favourite fruits. For the recipe and method, please visit

Cherry And Banana Smoothie I have no choice but to buy those delicious looking cherries when the fruits seller keep on introducing it to me. Well, it is not cheap lor….RM34 per 500 g.  Oh! What the heck, must pamper our stomach once in a while…he he he. Both my

Mini Dried Mixed Fruits Bread I saw this recipe from Ann, Anncoo Journal and I feel in love with it straight away because my husband and I love to eat mixed fruits. Thanks to Ann for sharing this recipe, now I have another great recipe for my husband to savour.

Apple Pie Filling My “wai sek” (like to eat) daughter has been bugging me for a few weeks to make apple pie for her.  Last weekend, when my husband, daughter and I were at McD Drive Thru to buy late supper for our son, she keep on poking at me