Red Bean Dessert (Tong Sui) The weather is so hot that my husband’s butt can sweat! Hahaha! With our hot weather these past weeks, it is good to drink some tong sui (dessert).  Early in the morning, I cooked this dessert so that my family can scoop it up anytime of

Chinese Chives Pancake (Thick) Today, I am home all alone. Son and daughter went to college library to self study  for coming exam. Husband went to Kuala Terengganu to fetch his workers. I cooked this before all of them went out and they said the taste is great eventhough it

Chinese Chives Pancake (Thin) Earlier post, I made another thicker version [Chinese Chives Pancake (Thick)]  but with dried shrimps.  This one is thinner version.  I like both recipes. I made this for my lunch. No mood to cook anything else. At least I am in happy mood while preparing and cooking