Orange Sponge Cupcake You must bake this.  It is soft, spongy, light and delicious. This recipe from Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover. Thanks to Sonia.  From her recipe, my son got to eat this lovely cupcake. Orange is one of his favourite fruits. For the recipe and method, please visit

Almond Cupcake This is the best cupcake ever.  Even though you said you are on a diet, you won’t stop after the first bite or until your stomach is satisfied. Last week, I came back from my trip to Bandung, Indonesia with my wonderful colleagues (from left to right), Irene

Poppy Seed Cupcake I baked this cupcake on last Sunday to bring to work the next day cause our office cafeteria will be closed. I know some of my colleagues has forgotten that it will be closed on that day. I pity people very easily.  Wanted to share this morning incident at