I don’t usually buy Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, but,… these were half-price after Easter.  That’s a good enough excuse, right?  Anyhow,… I bought some and saved them for this. These sure are easy and quick to make!  I don’t show a picture of these little cookies made with a

Just three ingredients = A “PEANUT-y” COOKIE!!     There are recipes (and many variations) for these all over the Internet! You wouldn’t think they could hold together without flour, but they do!   INGREDIENTS: 2 cups creamy peanut butter (I don’t see why you couldn’t use the NUTTY variety, unless

♥ These cookies make up well for Valentine’s Day treats, or for whatever day you choose! ♥ Using red ‘jelly hearts’, I made up two batches of these lately– mainly, to give away. Above, you can see that the cookies are only lightly browned around their edges when I remove them from the oven… In

                                                 (Photo by me, Doris)   Good taste, with a bit of crunchy goodness as a bonus! The cookies in the picture were rolled in corn flake crumbs.   I made these cookies a lot during the time we lived on the ‘chicken’ farm and they were a favorite then,

This is already an ‘out there’ recipe, but my first experience with it came in 1985 when my sister Nadine made these and shared them with our family.  There’s good stuff in these cookies and they are more ‘filling and satisfying’ than a cookie usually is.  This particular recipe makes a

A cookie recipe to use the egg yolks left behind after making meringue type recipes… Because of the dark-colored egg YOLKS, the dough for these cookies IS much more yellow than most cookie dough, BUT,… the night lighting in my room made these baked cookies look a ‘little’ more “yellowish/orangeish” than they

Rather than totally skip breakfast on a ‘Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!’ kind of morning, a couple of these just ‘might do the trick’– read through the recipe and see what you think!   With the hand that isn’t holding the cookies, grab a glass of cold milk, or ???. There’s something