This is one of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever made. Do you see how beautiful and FALL it is?! It’s so perfect for the season. I’m not going to lie, this is NOT a low fat, low calorie dessert:) But hey, it’s my philosophy that if you’re going to

I always have over-ripe bananas. Does this only happen to me? I don’t eat the things anyway. The kids and hubby love them, but if I get an off batch…they are left to rot. So I’m always looking for new banana recipes. These are by far the best things I’ve

Oh wow. This cake is delicious. If you’re in the mood for cinnamon rolls, but don’t want to wait for them to rise, make this!! It only takes about 30 minutes and it tastes like a hot, fresh cinnamon roll. I’ve already made this several times and the pan is

These were really fun and the kids LOVED them! I made them for a dinner with a rainbow theme and it really brought it all together. They’re not hard at all and actually didn’t take that long either. You just separate out a white cake mix into 6 different bowls

I’m not a huge fan of fondant. Although fondant is a lot prettier than regular frosting, it doesn’t compare taste-wise to me. I especially refuse to use the store bought…YUCK. When I want to make a beautiful fondant cake for a special occasion I like to make my own. And

I don’t know where I originally saw this, but the concept seemed SO delicious to me. We LOVE German Chocolate cake around our house. In fact it’s my husbands favorite cake…and my dads…and my father-in-laws. It’s also my husbands boss’s favorite. Guess it’s a guy thing:) So naturally I had

  I’ve been on vacation for 5 weeks now, so that’s why my posts have been non-existent! But don’t worry because on my travels I’ve discovered several recipes that are sure to grace your recipe box! Now I’m not much of a mint person. In fact I usually won’t even