This cheesecẵke brownie pie tẵkes brownies to the next level! Ingredients Pretzel Crust Ingredients 4 cups smẵll sẵlted pretzels 1/4 cup sugẵr 1/2 cup unsẵlted butter melted Brownie Ingredients 1 1/2 cups ẵll-purpose flour 1 1/2 cups sugẵr 10 tẵblespoons cocoẵ powder this is the sẵme ẵ 1/2 cup +

I like!… With just a package of Brownie Mix AND a can of black beans,… you’re ‘in business’ for having a basic brownie!!!! (Yes, skip the oil– skip the eggs.) I ended up with a very MOIST brownie…     WOWSERIE!  A package of Brownie Mix and a can of

 IF you need gluten-free and sometimes CRAVE a taste of deep (strong) chocolate, this could work for you.  I prefer to keep these in a freezer container (in the freezer) and get just one out…one at a time…one at a time ‘as needed‘. Some would say the ‘chocolatey’  is too

IF you like ‘very chocolatey’ (fudgey) chocolate brownies, these are great!   WHOA!!!!–  If you google ‘recipe brownie’, you will likely come up with  11 MILLION, 3 HUNDRED THOUSAND websites to choose from.  So, take your pick— or, keep the recipe you already have and like.   I don’t claim it

This photo contains brownies made by my young daughter.The other day I went to make brownies & was amazed to find that I hadn’t posted this recipe. For some reason, these turn out even better when made by my husband. Note that if you live above 6,000 ft. additional 1/4

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