The THOUGHT and SMELL of cinnamon anything makes me feel loved– why IS that!?  Probably because the thought and smell of things baked with cinnamon take me back to when I was growing up  and enjoying the foods prepared by my mother.  I LOVE memories like that/this!!! When I did a Google

    For the two loaves pictured, I doubled the following recipe. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup sugar (I used 3/4 cup raw honey) 1/3 cup virgin coconut oil* (My note about this is at the bottom) 2 eggs 2 cups mashed ripe bananas (5-6 medium) 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon baking

Have ham left over from your Easter dinner?     It can be used like this…     You’ll have a ham’y, cheese’y, broccoli’y breakfast casserole like this… It does have a ‘broccoli’ taste– so, if you like broccoli, you’ll probably like this! INGREDIENTS: 4 plain, or whole wheat, English

Today, I made ‘repeaters’ because,… well,… just because!   Sun was rising outside,– bread,…inside.     In front (above) is my ‘repeater’ Broccoli & Ham Quiche. The recipe for that is listed in this blog under ‘Breakfast’. I ♥ IT!     And, . . .  ▼   ▼ ▼   Another SIX loaf batch

  In the past, I’ve made biscuits with plenty of baking powder as the ‘lifter’; and others with cream in place of the ‘fat’.  This recipe uses yeast as the ‘lifter’ with a less-than-usual amount of baking power… they’re called ‘Angel’ biscuits because of how the yeast ‘lifts them up’,

I found this recipe in my ‘try this sometime’ folder.  It had been in there for quite a while– but,… it should have been ‘tried’ sooner! Oh, so EASY and QUICK and GOOD… It just so happened that when this came out of the panggangan this morning, I had three

  And,… under the cover is…  this…     Recipes for this are all over the Internet.   If you google “recipe monkey bread“, you are likely to come up with 1 MILLION 200 THOUSAND websites.  Is that a lot, or not?!?!?    Below:  This morning, we had 23° (after