Fall? Hello, Fall? Where are you?! Why are you torturing me with 90 degrees still? It’s not very nice when I want to bake all of these lezat fall dishes. So I bake them anyway:)  This casserole will change breakfast for you. Making breakfast before bed and then just popping

I’ve been on the hunt for the best blueberry muffin recipe. This one is SO GOOD! And I love how it makes 24 muffins instead of 12 because come on, 12 really isn’t enough, right? Perfect for delicious summer breakfasts. Preheat panggangan to 350 degrees. Place paper liners in muffin

OK, so the title doesn’t sound THAT appealing, right? There’s just no good name for this dish! It is beyond delicious though. And you can make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The original recipe calls for ground beef, kind of making it a play on a cheeseburger, but sausage

I make these about once a week. My kids love them so much and they’re packed full of nutritious things so I don’t mind. They even ask for these for dessert after dinner. I love win-win’s when it comes to kids and food. I like to bake them in a

Do you ever want to just do something different? I feel like that ALL the time! I decided to delve into the world of scones. I’ll never look back now! They are seriously SO delicious and so fast and easy in the morning. They can even be a great after-school

My husband requested this when I was figuring out our weekly meal plan. I went on the hunt for the perfect recipe and then there it was…The Pioneer Worman strikes again. I always know that if she’s made it and posted it, then it has to be good. We have