Dear Faithful Readers, It is that time of year again. As January 1st sneaks up on us, we are given these few relaxing moments to reflect on the year that is about to close behind us. Many things have happened in these past 12 months that neither of us dreamed

Dearest Jess, You are so amazing. I just really want you to know that. I was so touched that you and Jesse (despite you’re busy schedule) came last minute to Peterborough to celebrate our engagement. (I am getting a little misty-eyed thinking about it.) You are such an amazing blessing

Dearest Jess, Things have been busy. But things have been so good. We were able to relax at the cottage this passed weekend. Lots of swimming, canoeing, wake-skating, sunbathing, and eating happened. I know I have been doing lots of burgers this summer (summer burgers, and spanish burgers), but I

Dear Sally, Where has the month gone? I remember the beginning of June as if it were yesterday and here we are already near the end of August. Since we got back from the wedding both Jesse (yes Kim the other one) and I have been super busy. As you

Dear Jess, All I can say is: ‘Woah! How did this happen?!’ I will tell you: My friend who writes a Lemon Yogurt Loaf, cookies, and a few other treats.) This is my greatest baking adventure yet. It all started on Saturday night. Jason had worked a long day, and

Dear Jess, Firstly: I MISS YOU. Terribly. The worst actually! How are you? How was your New Years? How was Christmas? How is your apartment? We need to go on a date! Christmas this year was different than any other. Bill came home from California. He was super bummed because

Dear Jess, What a week! Between packing, working, Christmas shopping and everything else that fills the hours of my days it’s amazing I find time to breathe! But what a ride it is! I picked these three recipes for a few reasons. All of them fall under the category of