Originally (and a long time ago!), I got this recipe from my sister-in-law Donna.  If you would like to  make a quick ‘n easy baked bean dish, you will really like this recipe!  And,… almost everyone within ‘smelling range’ will like how your kitchen smells!  I like taking this to

I like!… With just a package of Brownie Mix AND a can of black beans,… you’re ‘in business’ for having a basic brownie!!!! (Yes, skip the oil– skip the eggs.) I ended up with a very MOIST brownie…     WOWSERIE!  A package of Brownie Mix and a can of

This was adapted from a 1967 Better Homes and Gardens book entitled Jiffy Cooking. (This IS ‘Jiffy’, alright!) A relish tray of ‘crunchy’ is a good addition. There were some times through the years when things got unexpectedly busy around the farm and I hadn’t planned ahead… for that to happen!  So,… every now and then, it

Red Bean Dessert (Tong Sui) The weather is so hot that my husband’s butt can sweat! Hahaha! With our hot weather these past weeks, it is good to drink some tong sui (dessert).  Early in the morning, I cooked this dessert so that my family can scoop it up anytime of

Long Bean & Chinese Sausage Rice The majority of Chinese households will cook this dish and different household will put in different ingredients. In this recipe, I incorporated Long Beans and Chinese Sausages only. There’s a Chinese saying called “Yat Wok Suk” which means “everything cook in one pot” which in

My family loves this dish.  It is very easy to cook. You will love this dish if you like to eat crunchy food. Stir Fried Four Angled Beans With Lotus Root 250g Four Angled Beans (wash, drain and slice) 300g Lotus Root (wash, drain, peel the skin and slice) Some

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