Vanilla Ice Cream Never known that ice cream is such an easy dessert to make eventhough you don’t have an ice cream maker.  I have been telling my daughter that I wanted to make this easy ice cream for the past weeks and yesterday managed to make it at the

Seafood Broth (Soup) This broth is very flavourful. I like it compare to the Dried Anchovies Broth (Soup). You can use this broth (soup) for your other cooking.   One handful of Dried Anchovies.  Wash and drain. 25 pieces of prawns.  Wash and drain. (I need only the head and

Grilled Lamb Shoulder Our whole family love to eat lamb. Don’t you? This recipe was taught by our family friend’s wife. We were at their house for a birthday party and one of the dishes were Grilled Lamb Shoulder and everyone over there loves it so much and I quickly

Apple Pie Filling My “wai sek” (like to eat) daughter has been bugging me for a few weeks to make apple pie for her.  Last weekend, when my husband, daughter and I were at McD Drive Thru to buy late supper for our son, she keep on poking at me

Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies These brownies look horrible but it’s a blessing in disguise! My whole family and lovely bunch of colleagues said this is the best brownies that they’ve ever tasted and some wanted me to post this recipe up asap.  I am just flabbergasted. The pictures don’t look

Serves 4 You can turn this plain sayadiyeh into a “Sayadiyeh Royale” by adding 60g pine nuts – saute the nuts in a little butter until golden brown and stir into the rice just before serving. Ingredients 400g white short grain rice 500g fish heads 1 kg white fish filets