Geology is a phrase derived from Historic Greek; Geo, that means Earth, and ology that means the research of.  It’s Earth science, the definitions of the strong and liquid plenty that type our planet, and the multitude of rock varieties which might be manifested by the forces of Nature.  My

An unbelievable photo voltaic flare arcs removed from the floor of the Solar The Solar is the star round which the planets in our photo voltaic system orbit.  It is product of “sizzling plasma interwoven with magnetic fields” that shaped when when a big molecular cloud collapsed greater than four

An opportunity to create a sand set pebble mosaic in Oaxaca, Mexico I’ve been traveling in Mexico this winter (2015-16) for 3 wonderful months, rediscovering the beauty of this amazing country.  I first came to Oaxaca 31 years ago when I was 26 years old, honing my skills as a

A round medallion mosaic I made for Oregon Art Beat My work was recently featured on an episode of Oregon Art Beat, which is an emmy award winning program produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting.  It was produced and directed by my good friend Eric Slade ( Eric Slade filming at

I’ve just returned from three amazing months of travel in Mexico.  This is the country where I began what has become an annual winter escape for the last 33 years, where I honed my skills as a vagabond. Statue and glass highrise, Insurgentes, Mexico City I first traveled to Puerta

An aerial view of braiding within the Dart River I took from a helicopter Sitting on the finished polished Braided River mosaic within the Greenstone Room Within the Autumn of 2015 and Spring of 2016 I constructed what I take into account to be one in all my most significant