Dear Sally, As we figured out today . . . “the weather outside is frightful” and after waiting for the Santa Clause parade in the windy streets of Toronto I returned to my snug little apartment desperate for warmth! As I am writing this I think a better title would

Dearest Jess, The 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge is complete. I put on my bathing suit the day after I completed this crazy challenge and… it was too big! What an awesome feeling. So needless to say, things are going great. We had a party to celebrate this achievement (the

Dearest Jess, It has been a while since I have made a meal for the sake of making a meal. Jason and I were thinking this the other day, so we set aside last night to make dinner together. Since it’s now summer (yay!) I picked a burger recipe. Since

Dear Sally, Since I have moved to Newmarket I have started to realize just how much of a blessing this blog is to me. As the days get busier and the work piles higher I am so thankful for the few peaceful moments I have to share with you over

Dear Jess, I do not have recipes for this entry. Instead I have a story with food included. Wednesday evening I flew back home after spending 4 days in Chicago for the NeoCon Convention in the Merchandise Mart. My dad sent me there to gain knowledge in regards to furniture

SALLY!!!!!!! I have news 🙂 Really good news. I heard back about the job . . . and I got it! I want to give you all the details but I will share them in person. I have been so happy and excited all morning that I decided to put

Dear Jess, Things are too busy. You know I love to keep a certain level of ‘busy’ but it’s getting out of hand. I haven’t vacuumed my room in forever, and I’m getting frustrated with planning things because I just want to sit and be quiet for longer than 5