Dear Faithful Readers, It is that time of year again. As January 1st sneaks up on us, we are given these few relaxing moments to reflect on the year that is about to close behind us. Many things have happened in these past 12 months that neither of us dreamed

Dear Sally, After a couple of weeks of opening my refrigerator only to be greeted by my lonely water jug and almond milk, I decided to go grocery shipping without a concrete list. Generally this can go one of two ways and I think it worked out for the best

Dear Jess, Over the past couple months, Jason and I have been getting to know his cousin Noel and his girlfriend Sarah. They are an hysterical couple who love having fun and laughing with and/or without reason. Last night they had a joint birthday party and we found ourselves privileged

Dearest Jess, You are so amazing. I just really want you to know that. I was so touched that you and Jesse (despite you’re busy schedule) came last minute to Peterborough to celebrate our engagement. (I am getting a little misty-eyed thinking about it.) You are such an amazing blessing

Dearest Sally, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! I am sooo excited for this year. There is so much to do, so much to prepare and it is so much fun to be doing it together. Today is cold, windy and I was in the mood for some experimentation today. I am