Dear Jess, I am so excited for your visit!! You can absolutely come earlier and we can have a good visit before the crowds show up. Like you, I am loving the arrival of Spring. I love waking up to the sound of birds, I love the smell of the

Dear Sally,       This week was one of the rare times that I was able to make a meal every evening and not have to rely on leftovers from the freezer. One of my greatest achievements this week was souvlaki. I was browsing through Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes and found

Dear Sally,     I have been LOVING this Spring weather lately! It makes me want to dig in the garden with my fingers, soak up the morning sun of a Saturday run and paint my toenails.     My parents have been eating raw for almost a year now and I

Dear Jess, Happy Summer Holidays! How is your trip?! I saw a picture or two on Facebook. It looks like you’re having a relaxing time! As you know I am a ‘nanny’ for a little boy in town throughout the week, and while he’s napping I generally flick on the

  Dear Sally,    I have been neglecting my letters. I love your recipe for chutney. I tried making cherry jam the other day and it was a complete failure. Let’s just say that canning is not my thing.  So the trip out East was fantastic. I love the air