My Dearest Jess, This recipe has taken me by surprise. I made it once and realized Jason lent his camera to my brother. It was so good that I made it again so I could share it with you. I didn’t expect much when I first made this. First: because

Dearest Jess, Wow, it’s almost the middle of November! How did this happen? I was in Ottawa last week again for work and it was snowing! When I returned home I heard it had snowed here as well. Christmas decorations are making their way from the stores into our homes.

To the future Mrs. Jessica Brickell, Since your relationship status has been changed on Facebook, I am going to assume that I can officially say CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! I am soooo thrilled for you both. You two make an amazing team and I am so excited to have shared

Dear Jess, Happy Friday! I have noticed something. As soon as it got cold, people started craving and making Shepherd’s Pie. Then the BBC Good Food email came, and what should I find in there? Their top 5 Shepherd’s Pie recipes! Not only that, but 2 of those recipes were

Hi Sally, Thanks for your last letter. I will try that recipe for sure! Looks delicious. As for Marmite . . . in my opinion it is never worth the ingestion. As promised I am putting up recipes from the desserts I made for the work Christmas party. I completely