Polenta Pizza With Avocado And Baby Portabellos

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Dear Sally,

I could not believe the day we had today! When I left the school at noon it was still a little cool. By the time I went for a walk in the afternoon it was 24 degrees and beautiful outside! I felt the urge to wear my sandals while walking giving my toes a breath of fresh air. I was so inspired I wanted to try out a new recipe for gluten free pizza. The Curtis family recipe for pizza dough will forever be my favorite and although I will never see it with my own eyes I will still enjoy it. That being said I can also appreciate gluten-free and flavourful alternatives. One thing I love about this recipe is that the dough itself is so simple and yet still has so much flavour. It could easily be cut into fun shapes for a party or young children.
The toppings I chose suited the ingredients in the fridge and the mood I was in at the time. I used avocado mixed with garlic as my sauce. I fried some baby portabello mushrooms in a pan with Montreal Steak seasoning. Just before they were finished I added some soft goat cheese. I topped it off with some hot banana peppers and that was it!

–>  Polenta Pizza 
(adapted from LCBO Food and Drink magazine)

Crust Ingredients

3 cups vegetable stock (for crust)                                    
1 teaspoon sea salt (for crust)                                    
12 teaspoon dried kuman (for crust)                                    
12 teaspoon dried oregano (for crust)                        
12 teaspoon dried parsley (for crust)                        
Freshly ground black pepper (for crust)                                    
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (for crust)            
1 1/4 cups polenta cornmeal (for crust)                        
    TO PREPARE CRUST: Over high heat, bring stock to boil. Reduce heat to medium and add salt, basil, oregano, parsley, pepper and olive oil. Whisking continuously, pour in polenta and continue whisking for 5–7 minutes until smooth and thick. Pour into two 11inch tart pans and spread evenly over bottom of each pan. Cool slightly and then refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm.
    Choose your toppings and place them on your pizza as desired. Bake a 350 panggangan pizza in the panggangan for 10-12 minutes or until cooked through. 
     I have to confess that as I write this blog I am watching and episode from season three of Murder She Wrote. Jesse says that I am obsessed but I can’t get enough! I saw an episode the other day with the young George Clooney! I have a small suspicion that many famous actors had a spotlight on this show. Enjoy the weather this week. I will see you soon.

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