Poppy Seed Cupcake

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Poppy Seed Cupcake
I baked this cupcake on last Sunday to bring to
work the next day cause our office cafeteria will be closed.
I know some of my colleagues has forgotten that it will be closed on that day.
I pity people very easily.  Wanted to share this morning incident
at the market with you.  While I was there, I saw
one man with a 6 years old child selling toy cars.  I noticed
them immediately cause this man does not have one hand.
Upon seeing them, I was thinking: what a pity, this man is
trying to make a living without one hand.  I walked over to them
and asked them how much per toy car and he said RM5 and
told him I wanted 2 car toys and started conversation “your grandson?”
and he said no, “my son” and then I said “baiknya anak tolong
bapa jual barang” (good boy helping father to sell toys) and then gave
him RM50 and he told me that he has no change and
I told him to keep the change and bid them farewell.
He kept on thanking me and I replied to him
to buy some books for his son, don’t want him to feel bad about the
extra money that I gave him.
Later, had breakfast with son before he goes off to college
for revision and asked my son whether he has any friends
who has small brother or sister.  He asked me why and I told him
about this incident and moreover both of my kids are adults….they
won’t be playing these car toys.
I’m having a headache now wondering who to pass these car toys to and
am having wonderful feeling that I have indirectly helped this man,
even though it is a small amount.
340g Butter (room temperature)
200g Caster Sugar
6 Eggs (room temperature)
340g Self Raising Flour
3 tablespoons Poppy Seed
1 tablespoon Vanilla Essence


Put butter, caster sugar and self raising flour into the mixing bowl.
And then all the eggs into the mixing bowl.
Beat everything until well combined.
Then pour in the Poppy Seed and Vanilla Essence and
beat until well combined.
Look like this when it is well combined.
Scoop the batter into cupcake paper liner with ice cream
scoop.  (Remember that your panggangan has to be pre-heated
before you start beating those batter).
Bake for 30 minutes
at 180-190 Degree Celsius (depends on your oven).
Freshly baked from the oven.
My daughter said it is milky and not that sweet.
The taste and texture are wonderful.
Happy a Happy & Contented Weekend!

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