The Halls Hill Labyrinth The Fourth Circuit, Mars

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Mars, the Red Planet is Your 4th furthest from Sunlight.

It looks reddish, even to the naked eye at the night skies.     In 2014 it had been closest to the Earth and in its brightest on April 14, since I was composing this, based on a Complete moon that could eclipse the Following Day.     I went outside and set up a tripod and took this picture in my back patio.     I was astonished the entire world, when zoomed in on revealed up just like a red bead in the skies with a dimple at the Middle.     It appears to be an auspicious time to restart work on the Labyrinth for its last stage resulting in its conclusion.

Mars is the next smallest of the planets within our solar system following Mercury, also has its red color from a coat of iron oxide on the surface.     Though It’s roughly half the diameter of Earth, its own Olympus Mons is the greatest mountain on earth within our solar system.     Mars has a thin atmosphere and ice caps on its own rods like Earth.     The ice caps contain enough water which if they were to melt down the surface of Mars may be coated with 11 meters of water.     The rotational tilt of its axis causes the entire world to experience seasonal fluctuations and may even melt ice to make flowing water through the days of the year.     Mars is orbited by two moons which are called after the Roman God Mars sons Phobos and Deimos.

In mythology Mars was the God of War, and has been the primary deity worshipped by Roman soldiers.     He had been the offspring of Jupiter and Juno (Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology).     Mars has a long history which dates back to olden days when he had been the God of Spring, expansion in Nature, and the protector of cows.     This could have made him an important deity for herders, who lived near to nature, moving their flocks seasonally to greener pastures.     He was also correlated with Woodpeckers and Wolves.     A set of Pileated Woodpeckers principles the forests in Halls Hill Park and made them understood by pecking the trees round the Labyrinth while I worked on the Mars circuit.     Wolves will be the ancestors to dogs.     There are not any wild predators on Bainbridge Island however there are lots of dogs.

Statue of Ares in the Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Italy

The wild and untamed planet was the characteristic kingdom of Ares, the Greek Creator of Mars.     Acts of brutality came from his extreme energy and anger.     He had been Related to the violent, twisted aspect of war, instead of the orderly military plans controlled by his sister, the Goddess Athena.     He symbolized threat, being damaging in conflict.     Since his sway was violent, Ares was treated with the Greeks with scorn Regardless of his valor.     His most famous romance has been with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.     Opposites Can’t help but bring from the celestial kingdom, but their kids can be a few.     Ares traveled in his war chariot with their offspring Phobos (Fear), and Deimos (Terror), along with also his sister Enyo (Discord).     Aphrodite by Ares gave birth to the God of Love, Eros, who is arrows imposed insatiable appetite in the ones they pierced.     Greek Eros became the Roman Cupid, the chubby winged boy preferred even from the Catholic church.     Unions like war and love can clarify emotions such as envy and lust.

Mars was held in much higher esteem by the Romans and has been raised to a very Large position, next only to the God Jupiter.     He was the patron deity of the Roman military and was also a God of agriculture.     Instead of being psychopathic, his violence was warranted as battle with the objective of peaceful resolution.

Venus and Mars, by a mural in Pompeii, Museum of Archaeology, Napoli

I constructed all those Mars circuit between the end of March and April 3rd.     I started using the loop at the East linking to the Jupiter circuit, also functioned at a clock or sunlight wise direction that I’ve been following through the Whole project.     The colours here in the very first part I constructed are the greens of Spring.     The symbol I opted to create for folks who rang the prayer wheel is a spear with 3 prongs.

The Start of the Mars circuit, looping in the Jupiter circuit

A trident resembles a pitchfork and is usually associated with the God Neptune.     In the Hindu faith, Mars could have been similar to the God of warfare, success, love and wisdom, Lord Murugan, Son of Lord Shiva, who introduced him with a Vel, or Trident.     There’s a stunning festival honoring the event named Thaipusam that’s celebrated by Tamil Hindus in Malaysia, where piercings are created throughout the lips and tongue with sticks capped with a trident.

A greatly manicured devotee of the Hindu God Murugan participates from the Thaipusam festival in Penang, Malaysia

The very first of those spears I made was to get a few experiencing a separation, in a feeling, battle with the expectation of a peaceful resolution.

This red trident reminded me of those lilies painted on the Gorgeous murals in the Minoan palace at Knossos, Crete, in which the Labyrinth of the Minotaur was situated.     If all spears were lilies how different the world are.

A wall mural of lilies with approximate recreations in the Palace in Knossos, Crete

Afterward functioning to the west, I left simpler little tridents for People That arrived to flip the Prayer Wheel.     A number of the symbols I create mix into the surrounding earth and therefore are difficult to find if you don’t understand what you’re searching for.

A Trident of Vel from the brown western management of the Labyrinth.

Two girls visited the Labyrinth to a quiet day since I was working my way through the region with black rocks.     I informed them about a few of this significance I have integrated into the job and that I’d lately returned from Greece with rocks out of sacred places.     Among the girls said her favourite Greek myth was the Goddess Persephone.     I showed them where the mosaic of the River Styx flows into the underworld at the Pluto circuit also that it was a location where Persephone would return from Hades from the Spring to watch her Mom Demeter, signaling the end of winter.     I advised them that this is a location where symbolically individuals could meet with people who’ve passed when the Earth wakens out of its slumber.     Among the girls Started to cry along with another girl told me her stepfather Howard had expired the day before in the age of age 93.     So I left a shameful pitchfork to get Howard.     They stated it was quite Suitable for him as he’d been a farmer.     I expect Howard does not mind his Trident is a wonderful small matter, but the second was really sweet.

I worked my way from black to white to blue and finished the Mars circuit in which it’ll bend into the Earth circuit.

And therefore I’ve almost completed 8 of those 11 circuits, and also the Middle area yet to be constructed grows that much younger.     This really is a huge and daunting job, one where Lots of hard work brings me great joy.     The war is in my sore shoulders, however, the peace is at doing the job.

The almost completed Mars circuit

Thank you for taking the time to do this, Jeffrey

Three circuits as well as the heart to go!)

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