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The Second circuit within the Labyrinth is devoted to the Planet Venus, and the Goddess of Love, magnificence,  pleasure, and procreation.  That is the second shortest circuit within the Labyrinth.  Venus is a terrestrial planet about the identical dimension as earth however has an environment that’s 97% Carbon dioxide.  The floor of Venus is 462 levels centigrade, so there isn’t a water.  The outer layer of the environment is Sulfuric Acid.  Charming. 

An historic Greek statue of Aphrodite, with a substitute head carved by Canova

Venus is the Roman equal of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.  In line with Hesiod’s Theogeny, a poem describing the beginning and family tree of the Gods, Aphrodite was mentioned to have been born out of the foaming sea (Aphros) the place the genitals of the God Uranus have been flung after he was castrated and deposed by his son Cronus (Saturn) on the determined request of his Mom, Gaia, who was bored with giving beginning to weird and troublesome youngsters.  Whereas this will trigger a smirk of malice amongst ladies, and males to cross their legs, I discover the analogy of affection being born out of the ache of divine castration to have some fascinating psychological connotations.  What higher approach to clarify the vagaries of affection to students and illiterate sheep herders in regards to the irrational chaos impressed by the secretion of hormones and varied different chemical compounds within the mind when one is available in to the proximity of an object of want.


Sandro Botticelli’s Delivery of Venus

When the genitals hit the water, Aphros and Bythos went to work.  Aphros (Sea foam), and his sibling Bythos (Sea Depths) have been Ichthyocentaurs, anthropomorphic sea creatures with the physique of man to the torso, the place a pair of horses legs emerged adopted by the tail of fish.  They have been quick swimmers and capable of breathe underwater.  They bore a scallop shell to the floor close to the shore of Pathos on the island of Cyprus the place the genitals had splashed, from which the Goddess Aphrodite emerged, so superbly depicted in Botticelli’s portray and this scene from the Terry Gilliam film, ‘The Baron Von Munchausen.  Aphrodite actually means rising from the Sea Foam.

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A much less macabre beginning story is the declare in Homer’s Iliad that Aphrodite was the offspring of the Goddess Dione, a consort of Zeus.  Dione is a female type of the phrase Dio, so primarily she was the feminine facet of Zeus himself.  

Aphrodite was so stunning and fascinating that Zeus suspected there can be bother within the kingdom with suitors preventing for her favor, so she was married off to the hideous God Hephaestus (Vulcan), the God of artisans and metallic smiths.  He made her fabulous jewellery and a corset that made her much more irresistible, however she was not content material with him and took different lovers, together with Ares (Mars), the God of warfare.  Hephaestus realized of the affair from Helios and made a really fantastic however unbreakable web which he solid over them as they slept bare collectively.  He dragged them to Mt. Olympus to precise retribution, however the different Gods solely discovered  the scenario humorous and made him launch them with a minor sentence.  

Aphrodite warding off Pan, with the help of Eros, Parian Marble, from the island of Delos, Greece

Aphrodite is commonly depicted within the firm of her winged son Eros, the God of Love.  Eros later turned the Roman cupid, which is probably the most pagan of characters to cross over in to the realm of Christianity.  My favourite Eros story was a time when he was kissing Aphrodite and a unfastened arrow in his quiver grazed her breast.  She pushed him away however then her gaze set sight on the youth Adonis with whom she fell hopelessly in love.  He was a hunter so she adopted him on his expeditions, regardless that she had little interest in looking.  She was so distracted that she fell behind on her divine duties and needed to depart him for a time to are inclined to her obligations as a Goddess.  Earlier than she left she suggested Adonis to not hunt animals that confirmed no worry.  Shortly afterwards he was castrated by an enormous boar (believed to be a jealous Ares).  Ouch!  It’s mentioned that the place Adonis’s blood spilled Anemones bloom.  They have been my favourite late winter flower once I was in Greece, colonizing particular areas of appropriate habitat.  As soon as once more castration results in magnificence.


Anemones on the island of Ios

I started the Venus circuit on Easter Sunday after a beautiful sunny day of pebble amassing on the Nation Membership peninsula of the island with a girl named Deborah Cheadle, who’s household’s summer season residence overlooks a geologic formation created when the ocean flooring was uplifted throughout an amazing earthquake that occurred a whole lot of years in the past.   Later I constructed the loop from the Earth circuit and made the primary hearts within the second circuit devoted to like.  


The loop from the Earth circuit to the Venus circuit

These will not be the obvious symbols since they’re normally fabricated from two stones pressed collectively on the middle.  Love normally attaches itself to a different entity making it a two half equation.  The last word love is loving compassion for all sentient beings as prescribed in Tibetan Buddhism as a manner of liberating the soul.  This can be a good circuit to decide to that best whereas strolling the Labyrinth.


A three half pink coronary heart with a inexperienced seashore glass Aorta

The following day was attractive as soon as once more.  The resident woodpeckers to engaged on bushes making a beautiful vibrational sound within the forest.  I arrange my kinds and labored from inexperienced to pink, and pink in to purple, ending the place the circuit will loop to connect with the primary circuit, devoted to the planet and God Mercury.  

A pair who’s canine Riley handed away introduced me two white pebbles that they had discovered the seashore in Fay Bainbridge Park.  They informed me that the speckled white granite one was precisely the identical coloration as Riley was.  I am going to make a flower round a geode utilizing the 2 pebbles for petals once I make the loop within the white northerly course connecting the Venus circuit to the Earth circuit.

Reilly’s Pebbles

Later a person named Chris and his daughter Christine got here biking by.  He mentioned he had been studying my essays and was very within the tales about Greek and Roman mythology.  It was a kind of partaking conversations that simply naturally happen on this house.  It conjures up profound thought.  I had simply moist the stonework so I may take my each day and the sunshine was good.  I used to be finished working for the day however informed them I might make them a pair of hearts tomorrow.


Christine and Chris

It rained all night time however was dry within the morning and it turned out to be a reasonably good day despite the climate forecast for extra rain.  A gaggle of 4 folks came visiting and obtained the tour, after which I set to work shifting the kinds for the times work.  Every single day I’ve the nicest interactions with all kinds of individuals, lots of whom come again once more with extra folks to share what is occurring right here.

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Helen introduced her good friend Joyce this morning and we had a pleasant speak about what I’m constructing and the way I might incorporate the ceramic coronary heart Helen had left together with her observe earlier.

Helen and Joyce

They every gave me a silver coin with an angel on it to put within the mortar beneath the guts for his or her youngsters.  It was a really candy gesture.  Angels of Love.

Helen’s ceramic coronary heart and two silver Angel cash to be positioned beneath the guts

So my aim for the day was to construct the Venus circuit from the west to the bend within the north connecting to the Earth circuit.  I transitioned from orange to black to white, and within the bend I set a group of small stones and shells given to me by a girl named Kayla representing her household and the challenges they’ve confronted and overcome within the final yr.  Close to these I positioned three geodes, surrounded by donated ceramic bits and seashore glass and the 2 stones for Reilly the canine.  I added white marble stones I had introduced again from sacred locations in Greece as properly.  One is a disk of white Parian marble that I discovered on the island of Paros at an excavation web site with Hellenistic interval mosaic flooring.  I had different items of marble from the Temple of Hera on Samos, the seashore of the Delian Apollo on Naxos, and seashores on Crete.  One other stone got here from Pompeii once I was there 5 years in the past. 

I positioned the 2 angel cash beneath the ceramic coronary heart and stuffed the middle with bits of seashore glass.  This cluster of blended components makes for an fascinating and wealthy conglomeration. 


Inserting the silver angel cash in mortar beneath the place the ceramic coronary heart will go

Then I constructed the opposite loop including three extra geodes to match the opposite facet.  I positioned little ceramic masks made by Jenny Anderson within the gaps in between the 2 circuits and tucked a tiny starfish that any individual had left for me subsequent to considered one of them.

A ceramic masks by Jenny Anderson and a tiny starfish left by somebody within the loop between the Earth and Venus circuits

From there I labored in to the silver stones that characterize the center of winter after which in to blue inexperienced. I locations a coronary heart form rock any individual had left for me that was fairly skinny, so I pinned it down with inexperienced oxidized nails from Blakely Harbor that Chris had given me.  Hopefully they are going to maintain it from coming out of the mortar because the Labyrinth ages.

The top of the Venus circuit will loop in to the Mercury circuit which is the final and shortest one.  The open house within the middle of the Labyrinth is getting actually small now after about three months of exhausting work. When folks stroll this circuit I hope that it triggers emotions of affection and understanding and caring.  And you then flip to Mercury, the messenger and ship a love letter to all who are available to contact with you.

The Venus circuit can be full once I construct the loops connecting to the Mercury circuit

Virtually finished!  Thanks for studying this, Jeffrey

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