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A fantastically enhanced picture of the planet Jupiter displaying a swirling cloud layer of ammonia crystals

It’s Spring and I’m again on Bainbridge Island to renew work on the Halls Hill Labyrinth.  Final fall I accomplished 6 of the 11 circuits.  I began with the outer rings, they usually make up nearly all of the challenge because the circuits get smaller as I work my approach in direction of the middle.  The outer circuit, the 11th is devoted to the total moons of the yr, and I name it the Lunar circuit.  The 10th circuit has 108 stones organized like a Tibetan prayer bead necklace, so I name it the Mala circuit.  The 9 rings resulting in the middle are devoted to the 9 planets, beginning with Pluto (sure, I do know Pluto was downgraded from planet standing).  The planets are named after Roman Gods, apart from Uranus.  Roman worship borrowed closely from Greek non secular traditions, so there’s normally a Greek equal to each Roman deity.  Pluto was first Hades.  Neptune was Poseidon.  Uranus is the one planet named after a Greek God, the Roman identify being Caelus.  Saturn was Cronos, Jupiter was Zeus, and Mars was Ares. Earth was Gaia in Greece and Terra Mater (Mom Earth) in Rome.   Venus was Aphrodite, and Mercury was Hermes, and the solar was Helios and Apollo.

A powerful bronze statue believed to be Zeus hurling a lightning bolt relationship from 460 BC on the Nationwide Archaeological Museum in Athens

The fifth circuit, which I’m constructing now, is devoted to the planet and God Jupiter.  Jupiter is the biggest planet in our photo voltaic system, being roughly 1,400 instances the dimensions of our planet Earth.  It’s the third brightest object within the evening sky after our Moon and Venus, and at its brightest may even forged a delicate shadow on the bottom. The Romans named the planet after the King of their Gods.  Nearly all of the planet is made up of layers of hydrogen and helium gases.  The cloud layer that we see on the floor of the planet is a comparatively skinny (about 50 kilometers deep) layer of ammonia crystals, and will comprise a layer of water, as highly effective lightning exercise has been noticed that may most certainly be brought on by water’s polarity.  The depth of those lightning storms is estimated to be 10 time better than something ever recorded on Earth.  As water vapor rises to the outer layers of the ambiance it freezes, and the ice crystals rub in opposition to one another creating cost that’s discharged by means of lightning.

Lightning captured on Jupiter by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons

Jupiter is the Roman incarnation of the Greek God Zeus.  He’s a God of the sky, lightning, thunder, and justice.  He’s usually depicted clutching a lightning bolt able to hurl it Earthward.  Lightning is a phenomenon that might simply encourage divine clarification.

Jupiter depicted in a ceiling portray I photographed within the Louvre in Paris

The Eagle is related to Zeus, and Bald Eagles land right here within the tallest timber once in a while.  I like listening to their distinctive cry and have seen them hovering overhead whereas I work on the labyrinth.  I’ve heard that with the constructing of recent houses on the island that timber historically used as nesting websites by eagles yr after yr have just lately been minimize down.  There’s nice wealth on Bainbridge and much with views of the water are more and more extra uncommon, so the influence of recent constructing on much less accessible websites tends to be better.  Our pure programs are being impacted at an alarming fee.

200 AD Roman ground mosaic depicting Zeus as an Eagle, snatching Ganymedes.  Museum of Archaeology, Thessaloniki

This winter I visited a number of islands in Greece, together with Crete and Naxos.  Each islands are mountainous, and I climbed as much as caves on every which might be associated in mythology to the lifetime of Zeus.  The cave of Ideon Andron on Mt. Ida, south of the town of Rethymno on the island of Crete, is in response to legend one in all two doable birthplaces of the newborn Zeus.

The Ideon Andron Cave, one of many legendary birthplaces of Zeus, on Mt. Ida, Crete

Sired by Cronus (Saturn), and birthed by the Goddess Rhea,  Zeus was destined to be eaten by his father, like his siblings have been earlier than him.  Being Gods, the household function name of Cronus’ offspring is important, together with Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon.  Cronus had heard in prophesy that he can be deposed by one in all his personal, like his father Uranus, who’m he castrated and dethroned.  However Rhea wasn’t going to have it this time so she wrapped a stone in swaddling and supplied it up, and it appeared to go the culinary wants of a distracted God.  Zeus was squirreled off to be raised in a secret cave on both Crete or Naxos.  Although the myths fluctuate, he was mentioned to have been raised by the Nymph named Adamanthea, and fed by a goat named Amalthea, who nursed him from his magical cornucopia horn.  To masks the divine child’s cries and keep away from discovery, a band of Demigods known as Kouretes clashed their spears in opposition to their shields to drown them out.  Excavations on the Ideon Andron Cave on the flanks of Mt. Ida yielded a treasure trove of choices associated to the cult of Zeus, together with a bronze drum depicting winged Kouretes beating their shields whereas a triumphant Zeus flings a lion over his head and straddles a bull within the heart.

eighth Century BC Bronze drum depicting Zeus and Kouretes, from the Ideon Andron, Museum of Archaeology, Herakion, Crete

After his start, some variations of the Zeus fantasy say that he was taken to the island of Naxos to be raised in a cave on the flanks of Mt. Zas.  Zas is the tallest mountain on the island and bears a type of his identify.  I used to be the one one on the mountain the day I hiked it and it was a magical afternoon spent spelunking and not using a flashlight and and on the lookout for stones to make little lightning bolts with.

Zeus, in retribution for his father having eaten his siblings, dethroned Cronus and induced him to vomit up the household.  Afterwards he turned the supreme deity to whom all others worshiped.

Zeus was a women man, and had a jealous spouse, the Goddess Hera.  He sired many kids with Goddesses and mortal girls, a lot of whom have been cursed and put to nice assessments by Hera.  The record is stellar.  Athena was born when Zeus’s cranium was cut up to alleviate the worst of complications after he had swallowed Athena’s Mom, Metis.  The twins Apollo and Artemis (Diana), have been birthed by Leto on the island of Delos after a curse from Hera that made it unattainable for her to offer start in every other terrestrial place.  A tryst with Maia produced Hermes.  Hera had six kids with Zeus, together with Ares (Mars), Hephaestus, and Hebe.  Mnemosyn, the Goddess of Reminiscence gave start to the 12 Muses.  Certainly one of Jupiter’s Moons is known as for the Muse Aoide.  Dionysos fetus was stitched up in Zeus leg after his Mom, Semele was incinerated when she made Zeus promise her a boon, and she or he requested to see him in his divine kind.  He tried in vail to reduce his look to spare her, however he had promised with an oath made on the River Styx and was dedicated to satisfy it.  All in all he sired greater than 40 divine offspring and a lot of mortals, together with the mighty Heracles (Hercules).

Lighting bolts I made and left outdoors the doorway to Zas Cave, Naxos, Greece

Zeus had many rolls and elements as a God.  He was the King of the divine pantheon that resided on Mount Olympus.  He continued to be the King of Gods in Rome as Jupiter, and an important oaths of honor have been made in his temple.  The Jupiter Temple at Baalbak in Lebanon was the biggest temple in all the Roman empire, with a number of the largest identified blocks of stone ever hewn, weighing 60 tons and extra.

The Jupiter Temple at Baalbek, Lebanon, the biggest within the Roman Empire
Me standing on the World’s 2nd largest identified hewn stone at Baalbek, Lebanon

The Roman Emperor Hadrian accomplished what would turn into the biggest temple in Athens, the Temple of the Olympian Zeus.  Begun within the sixth Century BC, it was envisioned to turn into the best temple within the historic world.  The King of Gods and Man was given the very best stage of respect by the traditional Greeks and later the Romans.  By honoring Jupiter greater than every other empire, Rome might declare divine supremacy over it is realm.

What stays of the nice Temple of the Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece

With all that in thoughts, I packed up my instruments and returned to Bainbridge Island on March 23rd, the third day of Spring.  I had hoped to be there earlier to mark the Vernal Equinox however the beautiful condominium that I keep in wasn’t obtainable at the moment.  It was a fantastic day with ample sunshine for the drive up.  I ended on the seaside in Purdy and the tide was out within the late afternoon so I collected a few 5 gallon buckets of stones.  After I arrived on the website I went instantly to work clearing unfastened stones from the world the place I’d resume constructing the trail that results in the middle.  As a result of the fifth circuit turns and runs to the middle I began on the bend from the sixth circuit within the northern Cardinal level.

The Labyrinth because it appeared on my return on March 23rd

The subsequent morning a pallet of mortar was delivered together with 10-20 foot sticks of three/eight inch rebar.  And so the toil of constructing the Labyrinth resumed.  I constructed the bend and made my approach from white stones in to silver stones.  That is the following set of turns inward from the ‘Clouds of Heaven’ that I constructed final fall between the ninth and eighth circuits.  Discovering white stones is changing into harder in the proper shapes as I’ve picked up most of what’s obtainable on the seashores which might be shut by.  Winter waves have turned the seashores and revealed new stones however I’ve to work tougher to go additional down the seashores to search out the colours I want.

In the present day I had a go to from a stunning girl named Angie, for whom I devoted the primary of a collection of easy ‘lightning bolts’, that I’m incorporating in to this circuit as an emblem of Zeus, the God of lightning and thunder and storms.  In return I requested her to go and switch the prayer wheel and ship an intention out in to the World.

Angie visits the Labyrinth
Angie’s Lightning bolt (they are usually very delicate when made from seaside rock)

The subsequent guests have been a household out having fun with the attractive climate.  When individuals ask concerning the challenge I inform tales concerning the that means of the varied colours and circuits and what a Labyrinth is used for.  Will probably be so attention-grabbing when individuals really begin to stroll it.  I discover People to normally be very impatient, and strolling this can require a good quantity of persistence and time.  Some individuals simply stroll by and do not say a phrase, others come frequently to indicate mates and to see the progress.  Some inform me they’ve been coming frequently all winter simply to gaze upon it.

My good mates Trish and Thane from Portland got here by on their approach again from Anacortes to see the challenge.  I like that mates discover their method to this fairly distant location of their travels to see what I’m as much as.  I made a particular lightning bolt to commemorate their go to.

Pals from Portland visiting the challenge


Turning from the sixth circuit to the fifth on the Northern cardinal level

From my bag of choose stones that I introduced again from Greece I made a lightning bolt utilizing the small slivers of stone I had collected at Zas Cave on the island of Naxos.  The hyperlink between the sacred locations I visited in Greece this winter and the Labyrinth kind a bodily hyperlink between the Labyrinth and Greek Mythology, which I’ve been learning an ideal deal currently.

A lightning bolt created from stone shards I collected on Mt. Zas on the island of Naxos, Greece

I labored my approach round to the place the fifth circuit turns and runs straight to the middle of the Labyrinth.  A bit of the trail in step with the doorway path parallels the one resulting in the middle, which represents the solar.  These straight paths are made from yellow stones since they’re aligned with the east, and yellow is the colour for the east in Native American medication wheel diagrams.

The paths flip in direction of the middle within the East

These paths bisect the Mars, Earth, and Venus circuits, after which the one centered on the east west axis connects to the place the Solar disk might be on the heart.  The trail subsequent to it connects to the Mercury circuit, and turns and goes a part of the way in which across the Solar.  When you attain the middle it’s conventional to stroll again out following the reverse route.  If executed with intention, this stroll needs to be consciousness altering, if just for having exercised the persistence wanted to take action, however hopefully with a lot extra.

The subsequent day was epic for its rainbows.  They lasted for at the very least an hour, arching throughout the sound whereas I gathered one other 400 kilos or so of rock.  The tide is out within the afternoon so I’m gathering what I have to make my approach by means of every band of shade throughout that point.

A superb full spectrum rainbow

It’s a fixed search to search out the proper sizes and styles of stones in 12 colours I am utilizing, and the graduations in between.  I’ll have collected greater than a ton by the point I end the fifth and 4th circuits.

The day’s pickings

Later, a really modern lady named Ava introduced her mother and father, Lori and Farrell to see the challenge.  I advised them concerning the neighborhood circuit that I might be constructing, the third from the middle the place the Earth would orbit the Solar, and the way individuals have been bringing stones they’d collected to contribute to it.  Enthused by the concept, they returned the following day with three buckets of seaside rock, most of which had effectively chosen shapes I might use.  This doubled the quantity of stones which were left by individuals on a boulder by the Labyrinth over the winter.  I’ll construct that circuit after I return in the midst of April.  Now that I’m again on the location, extra stones for the Group circuit have been displaying up day-after-day.

Ava, Lori, and Farrell

Later within the night, Barb, who lives under the park got here by along with her two canines.  We talked concerning the Labyrinth as a spot of contemplation and soul looking out, and the concept of it being a portal or hyperlink between realms of existence.   The is solace available right here.

Barb and her candy canines

I labored my approach round from Spring in to Summer time, utilizing up many of the pink and pink stones that I had readily available.  I’m at all times on the lookout for these colours as they don’t seem to be so plentiful.  I’ve integrated quite a few wave tumbled pink bricks in to the pink areas because of the rarity of flat pink stones.  I left a spot on the Western cardinal level for turns that can connect with the 4th circuit, the place brown then transitions to orange.  That is the route of the Autumnal equinox.

The Jupiter Circuit, the fifth

On March 29th, I labored my approach from orange in to black, mixing in stones the place each colours are blended.  Then I transitioned in to white, and accomplished the loop within the North throughout from the place I began after I returned to the island every week in the past.  It rained all morning so I needed to put my tarp up over the body I’ve arrange for shelter.  I can stroll the body round like a spider to maintain the areas I’m engaged on dry.  Thankfully I have never needed to work beneath the tarp loads as a result of it’s darker and sort of moody when it’s up.  If it appears prefer it will not rain for some time I take the tarp down.  However it was up for the completion of this circuit because the rain got here and went, and the sky grew darkish.

Refined zig zags of stone honor the God of Lightning and Thunder

Simply as I used to be setting the final stones within the bend from the fifth to the sixth circuit, a dramatic bolt of lightning struck the water out on the Sound.  I might see the flash by means of the timber and thunder rumbled previous a couple of seconds later, so it was very shut.  Zeus had spoken!  I set free a whoop.  About 5 ft away from the place I used to be sitting is the lightning bolt created from the slivers of limestone I introduced from the Zas Cave on Naxos.  The electrical connection between Heaven and Earth is buzzing by means of the Labyrinth now within the Jupiter circuit, and there’s nice magic within the World.

Thanks for studying, Jeffrey

With the Jupiter circuit full, there are 4 circuits and the middle remaining to be constructed
Jupiter seen from one in all its poles, taken by the Juno Spacecraft in July, 2016

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