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Due to this site pbmGarden, I’ve found a British TV series called Enjoy Your Garden, that can be found on Netflix.   It is a series that has its own flaws, and Judy and I’m hooked.

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It is telling and somewhat sad that backyard TV displays exist in Britain but not at all in the USA — at least, not anymore. In Britain you will find backyard stars using a true mass audience. Here you will find at best gracious living stars who do a little bit of gardening as a sideline. I wouldn’t believe them real temptations.

After we lived in Wisconsin there were a few gardening radio shows on the air, but in Chicago there is not that.

Anyhow, Enjoy Your Garden features Alan Titchmarsh along with a group of helpers who change the gardens of households struggling to deal with harsh conditions (from the episodes we saw, a severely ill child or spouse).

The household is whisked off for a couple of days while Alan and his gang perform a whole transformation. Unrealistic, convinced — and yet so gratifying in its own dream fulfillment. Likewise money is no barrier in this series, and I feel that the ordinary gardener using a budget can find a few helpful ideas from it.

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The Enjoy Your Garden team on the job.

Among the things that I enjoy about Enjoy Your Garden is the way Titchmarsh speaks into the family about what they need in their backyard, and then includes a layout that satisfies their needs and desires in a personalized manner.

I also like the way the series moves from design theory to hardscape components and particular plants and plant combinations. Additionally, there are visits to other gardens which exemplify the ramifications which Titchmarsh and his staff are planning for.

You don’t have to wonder how they can stay so clean whilst installing the backyard, particularly the backyard designer and horticulturist, who occasionally wear dresses (though with boots) since they dig holes for planting.

Additionally, I found myself squirming occasionally together with the show’s efforts to create sympathy for those families chosen. Not they don’t deserve empathy (they really do), however, their remedy seemed sometimes intrusive or perhaps bordering on manipulative.

Can these households have the ability to keep up the new gardens they have been given? The series highlights low maintenance design but it’s still not obvious to me the gardens revealed were very sustainable for all these families.

However, the households’ pleasure with their gardens is unquestionably genuine. I challenge anybody to obtain the pleasure they say to be less than heartwarming.

For the viewers, Enjoy Your Garden is calming, enjoyable, and fairly informative.

Perhaps you have seen this series? What do you think about it? Are there any other gardening TV displays (British or otherwise) which you would advocate?

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