June Peonies in a Vase

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Last week I Made this Particular Arrangement of pink peonies for a Buddy.

I am still awaiting my darker peonies to grow enough to make ribbons of blossoms, but for now I can appreciate lots of the milder pinks.

The draping greenery is from one of my twisted filberts (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’).     I utilized astilbe leaves to make a grid to hold additional greenery set up, then stuffed with Baptisia, variegated Solomon’s Seal and hosta leaves.

I used the Tiny blossoms of pink ‘Roma’ and milder ‘Buckland’ astrantia (previously).     A rosy-tipped stem of snowberry (Symphoricarpos) arches in the left.

Obviously twisting honeysuckle stalks were comprised.     The honeysuckle is blooming at this time, filling an whole corner of the yard with odor.

Buds in my ‘Eola Sapphire’ hostas additionally added curiosity.     I really don’t enjoy the real flowers sufficient to utilize them in structures, but the buds are extremely trendy.
The very last peonies to bloom are finishing up this week, and it will likely be another year before peony blossoms make their appearance.


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