The Last Lily of Summer

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Red Lilium speciosum rubrum have been Prospering this month at the Primary backyard flower bed.

Their stalks are somewhat taller than me, and their odor is heavenly.

They nod about the stem, so it is a fantastic thing that the main stem is really tall.

In blossom nearby are ‘Miss Molly’ butterfly bushes, Russian sage (Peroskvia), ‘Rozanne’ hardy geraniums and ‘Ava’ hummingbird mint (Agastache).     The hummingbird mint is seen daily by a few hummingbirds, and many butterflies congregate on the butterfly bushes.

I have ordered similar ‘Miss Feya’ lily bulbs to plant this autumn to Increase the screen next summer.     August is not the best time for locating flowers in my backyard, so I am pleased to have a single spot with loads of blossoms.

The ‘Royal Purple’ smoke bush (Cotinus coggryia) adds amazing colour, although I wonder if yearly pruning will keep it little enough once it is completely established.     I will find out in a couple of decades, I figure.

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