The Colors of October

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This autumn was an excellent one for fiery colour in the backyard.   Many years we get tough frosts so ancient that the colours do not grow well, so I am always thankful for a fantastic year.   From the photograph above you find the orange-red fall shade of this ‘Royal Raindrops’ crabapple trees round the trunk, with yellowish leaves of ‘Caesar’s Brother’ Siberian iris down beneath.   The ‘Fine Line’ buckthorns at heart are slower to alter colour, although they’ll turn gold prior to shedding their leaves following month.

This photograph in the week or two before showcases the yellowish color of their neighbor’s aspen trees.

The lavender and purple asters stick out   from the yellowing leaves of this Siberian irises.

I pulled this aster out a couple of decades back since it had been spreading too fast, however, the bees are happy I simply moved it into warmer dirt rather.   This plant was coated with bees since it began flowering.

that I purchased this ‘Popcorn’ viburnum because of its hydrangea-like blossoms in spring and compact dimensions (in comparison to other Viburnums), and the fall color is a bonus.

The autumn color celebrity is my own Korean spice viburnum, however.   Fragrant flowers in spring are followed by glossy green foliage in the summer and also a carnival of colour in October.

‘Stella d’Oro’ daylily leaves include some wonderful straw-yellow before falling.   These plants put a couple more flowers this autumn.

The shot of this honey locusts is from early October.   I wish they did not shed their leaves early, but they wear a wonderful series of yellow shifting to golden-orange prior to dropping their small leaves.   Their colour contrasts well with the deep purple colour of their ‘Hall’s Purple’ honeysuckle on the swing set.

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