Happy 10th Anniversary

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This month marks ten years since I started this site, and this article generates four hundred articles in total.   It is a joy to return over the increase of our backyard.   We purchased this house in 2007 and that I did not begin blogging before 2008, but we did not do much into the lawn which first year.   So this site monitors most of the changes to our landscape, from nothing-but-lawn into almost-all-garden-beds.   I am particularly glad to have recorded our front lawn landscaping job 2010 (porch remodel, in advancement, recently finished), the massive backyard job in 2013 (preparation, aspen root obstacle, yard elimination, flagstone path,  recently completed, four years old), along with our dining area addition/kitchen remodel/new terrace in 2017 (in progress, recently  completed).

My most watched article is all about the ‘Otto Luyken’ laurel tree (plant it in a secure place in cold zones).   A distant second is my first article about peony bouquets at Pike Place Market (together with my age-old camera – my photographs are much better today).   Third place is really a article regarding ‘Royal Raindrops’ crabapple trees (I enjoy these trees but they also need a great deal of pruning).   I love other gardener’s views on crops, so I am happy to have been helpful to other people in choosing plants for their houses.

I am thankful for how photography and blogging have instructed me that you are able to locate beauty if you opt to concentrate on it, despite the fact that there are a whole lot of ugly components, also.   I am thankful that writing this site helped keep my mind from turning right into oatmeal while I spent my days and nights caring for our three and four small kids.   Now they are getting old and can talk in complete sentences, so that my brain feels as though it is working.   It seems like paradise to start a window so that I could hear them practicing the piano while I perform from the backyard.

Nurturing kids and a backyard have helped me toss away at least a few of my poor perfectionism.   I adopt ‘good enough for the time being,’ so I am not so worried with all the imperfections in this site or in life.   Someday I will get very obsessed with writing plant names in exactly the exact same format each time.   Someday I will go through and discover all of the small grammar and punctuation mistakes – or perhaps not.   I’d still like to increase my photography more.   But mainly I am enjoying the trip, the fruits of my labors along with the expectation of great things to come.

The photograph above was taken by my buddy Amber McArthur, and I request that you don’t copy or use it everywhere.   I felt absurd posing for pictures, but I am thankful for how she grabbed the pleasure my backyard gives me.


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