Annual Gardens at Spokane Temple 2018

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Listed below are a few pictures of this Spokane LDS Temple yearly footprints from August.   The spiral mattress above (called for its coil Juniper topiaries) features ‘Lighthouse Purple’ salvia, which has been a brand new plant this season and a fantastic performer.   It is always interesting to determine that plants actually take off, since it is different every year.   The ‘Purple’ superbena was quite vigorous this season.

that I opted to use a number of foliage plants such as season-long colour, such as ‘Wasabi’ coleus, ‘Blackie’ sweet potato vine silver licorice vine.   ‘Orchid Charm’ supertunias and shameful petunias contributed blossoms along with ‘Profusion Dual Cherry’ zinnias.   I wasn’t delighted with the operation of ‘Summer Jewel Lavender’ salvia, whose blossom spikes appeared washed out in blossom and immediately turned brownish.

‘King Tut’ papyrus lasted as a favored in both sides of front door.

leading sidewalk beds beyond the gates comprised deer immune zinnias, salvia (which fought to watering problems early in the summer), verbena, licorice blossom, celosia and geraniums.   Additionally, I utilized lime sweet potato blossoms, which the bull love to munch, therefore we added several Deer Fortress canisters around the region.   They feature dried blood that individuals can not smell but that does a fairly great job of keeping the deer off.

The northwest corner has been planted in sunset colours:  ‘Lighthouse Purple’ and ‘Victoria’ salvia, ‘ ‘Double Deep Beef’ and ‘Coral Pink’ Profusion zinnias, and ‘Arrow Orange’ snapdragons.

I contained several purple fountain grasses (Pennisetum), but they required a very long time to develop to a big enough size to create much of an effect.

Here is yet another shot of the area.   I really like how this colour plot turned out.

The east rectangle increased bed was implanted in ‘Bermuda Beach’ and ‘Mini White’ supertunias, ‘Royale Iced Cherry’ and ‘Royale Cherryburst’ superbenas silver licorice vine.   The hot pinks looked fantastic together at planting, but the ‘Bermuda Beach’ petunias appeared to revert back into some cooler pink.   Or maybe ‘Vista Bubblegum’ reseeded from this past year?   It is a Small puzzle.

The south arc has been implanted less tightly this season once I received comments that it seemed too overgrown last year (we had a sexy summertime in 2016 along with the zinnias climbed more harshly than previously).   In this picture I think that it seems too thin, but when our summer was so long and sexy as the previous one, these crops could have stuffed in better.   That is the delight of working with character, as you never know what surprises are in store.

Here is yet another shot of the area.   I made the strategy for following year’s annuals and flipped it into our grower so that she could order seeds for next spring.   It is interesting to tweak the colour schemes annually and try out some fresh plants.

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